Inner Armour Sports Hard Mass Gainer – 12 Lbs

LKR 20,000.00

  • 50,000mg of muscle building amino acids
  • 50g of protein per serving
  • A whopping 1,277 calories per serving
  • Contains added creatine and glutamine peptides

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Inner Armour Sports Hard Mass Gainer – 12 Lbs




Inner Armor Hard Mass Gains is a super-advanced and highly efficient anabolic muscle-building supplement. It provides a massive 50g of protein and 1,277 calories of energy per serving. Each serving is also loaded with 50,000 mg of anabolic muscle building amino acids.

One of the specialities of this product is that it contains Amino Acid Ratio Specific Protein Complex (AARSPC). This is an advanced protein complex, which has the optimal ratio of desired amino acids necessary to create a favourable anabolic environment in the body. This combination of amino acids also maintains a perfect nitrogen balance in the muscle cells and tissues, which is essential for protein synthesis and muscle growth. After strenuous workouts, amino acids speed up the flow of nitrogen into the damaged muscle cells and help in cell repair and growth. AARSPC also inhibits catabolism or the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Inner Armour Hard Mass Gains makes use of Waxy Speed with Waxy Maize carbohydrate technology. This enables a highly efficient absorption and utilisation of nutrients in the muscle tissues and cells. The carbohydrate technology speeds up the movement or flow of proteins and nutrients through the digestive process. It also increases or encourages the absorption of amino acids, creatine and glucose into the muscle cells, thus helping in protein synthesis.



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